White House Announces New Actions to Promote Responsible AI Innovation

White House Announces New Actions to Promote Responsible AI Innovation

On May 4, 2023, the White House announced new actions to promote responsible innovation in artificial intelligence (AI) in the United States and protect people’s rights and safety. This announcement builds on the Biden administration’s ongoing efforts to advance a comprehensive approach to AI-related opportunities and risks. 

This announcement is part of the White House’s efforts to place people at the center of AI incorporation by supporting responsible innovation that benefits the general public. 

The White House’s announcement included measures such as: 

  • New investments to power responsible AI research and development 
  • Public assessments of existing generative AI systems 
  • Policies to ensure the U.S. government is leading by example to mitigate AI risks and harness AI opportunities 

To further the administration’s goal of promoting responsible AI innovation, Vice President Kamala Harris and senior administration officials met with the CEOs of Alphabet, Anthropic, Microsoft and OpenAI, who are at the forefront of AI development, to emphasize the importance of responsible and ethical innovation that mitigates risks and harm to individuals and society. This is part of a larger ongoing endeavor by the administration to engage with companies, organizations and communities on AI-related issues. 

The White House said these efforts build on its previous actions to promote responsible AI innovation, including a blueprint for an AI bill of rights, an AI risk management framework and related executive actions. The administration is also working to address national security concerns raised by AI, especially in critical areas like cybersecurity, biosecurity and safety. 

What This Means 

This announcement signals the Biden administration’s ongoing efforts to help ensure that AI innovation is responsible and to reduce potential risks to the public. The administration continues to impress upon companies their fundamental responsibility to make AI safe before implementing or making it available to the public. To that end, the Federal Trade Commission, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division recently issued a joint statement highlighting their commitment to using their legal authorities to protect the American public from AI-related harms. 

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